Second Hope Infographic

For this week's brief, I decided I wanted to create an infographic. Rather than having it be on something made up or just for fun, I decided I wanted it to potentially have some impact. I decided to create an infographic for the UK charity Second Hope, which supports advanced breast cancer research. 

Below is the brief I wrote for myself:

Create an infographic that raises awareness of what advanced breast cancer is and why it needs research funding. Promote the charity Second Hope and clearly outline their charity objectives. Make it with the purpose of sharing on social media.

The majority of the research for this infographic was taken from the Second Hope website, as well as Breast Cancer Now. I used both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for this project. Illustrator was used to create all of the vector imagery.

Below are two of the pages from my sketchbook when working on this infographic. One key process was to sift through my research and pick out the most important points. I didn't want the infographic to be overwhelming with facts and statistics, so I picked what I thought were the most important ones.


Below is the final infographic. The colour palette is the same as the one on the Second Hope website, and I chose a font that is similar to theirs. I hand drew and then vectorised the images used within the graphic. Whilst the image below is the long version of the infographic, I have split each section up as individual images for sharing on social media.

The draft version I created was sent to Second Hope trustees and amendments were made. This was to make sure the information was up-to-date, and to allow the charity to have copies of the files.