Working with Secondary1st

Secondary1st Logo with Strapline RGB.png

Since February I have been volunteering my graphic design skills to the charity Secondary1st. They are a charity that focuses on raising awareness and funds towards finding a cure for secondary breast cancer.

Secondary breast cancer is an issue that is close to my heart and working with a charity that focuses on this specific, often unknown form of cancer, makes me feel fulfilled in knowing I am helping with spreading awareness.

I have been creating visuals for the charity's social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, working with a team of wonderful volunteers. The visuals I have created are often based on other's ideas or ideas I have created myself.

The experience so far has taught me more about working to brand guidelines, and finding or creating imagery that works well with loose themes.

Secondary1st's visual brand is centered around a limited colour palette, a loose illustrative style and a bold sans-serif font. 

Mother's Day post

A quote from an article written on Secondary1st's website

Content for the social media channels has varied from quotes to posts about recent events, such as the charity patron's Peter Capaldi and his birthday. The process for quote posts has involved me finding relevant imagery. Usually, I will find multiple images and test each of them before gathering feedback from the social media team. 

Rough drafts for a post on Peter Capaldi's birthday

Rough drafts for a post on Peter Capaldi's birthday

Final version of the post for Peter Capaldi's birthday