Flora & Fauna Packaging

This is the first in what I hope shall be multiple self-set design projects! I'm doing these to expand my skill set and allow me to work with aspects of design I haven't experienced before.

For this project, I used both Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC.

This project follows a brief to create a series of packaging for a Greek cosmetics company. Below is an excerpt from the brief:

The high-end Greek natural cosmetics company 'Flora & Fauna' is in the process of rebranding their core range to appeal to a younger audience. They would like the new designs to be feature modern, botanical illustrations to represent the raw, natural ingredients that they use within their product range ... To complete the brief, the client would like you to create one shampoo bottle design and a wrapping paper pattern, to use across soap packaging.

This brief has been taken from Brief Box.

My first step was to research existing cosmetics companies. I examined their bottle shapes, the information included on the labels, the imagery used, colours and many other factors. This gave me a little insight into the industry and the key aspects of packaging I should be paying attention to. From here, I began designing a Flora & Fauna logo.

Companies I looked at included Herbal Essences, The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Bath & Body Works and Lush, as they all incorporate natural or floral elements to their products

Logo prototypes

The final logo, which was created as a vector in Adobe Illustrator

This lead me to research natural, floral and Greek ingredients that could be incorporated in the products I was to design. For the shampoo bottle, I settled on juniper and juniper berries as they are natural to Greece and have many benefits when used in hair care. For the soap, I decided upon honey and goats milk.

Often when designing, I like to do a lot of thumbnail sketches to get multiple ideas down quickly. From there I choose what to take to a digital format

I then took multiple ideas into Photoshop, and created three juniper plant vector illustrations to be used as a background print. I think that having a repeating, subtle print gives a luxurious and high-end feel, suiting the brief. The colour palette is monochromatic and reflects the colour of juniper berries. Below is the final design I decided upon.

Below are two alternative designs.

The main ingredients for the soap were to be honey and goats milk. One challenge with these ingredients was the colour palette. To relate to the nature aspects of the brief, I decided upon a honeycomb pattern for the background and experimented with different styles.

The third pattern was chosen for the final design because the variation seemed the most interesting. Below is the final design for the soap packaging, with the alternative designs beneath that.