Vector Icons for Chris Buckingham

As part of a group project, I worked among others to create an online quiz for a course. This course was based on Chris Buckingham's book, 'Crowdfunding Intelligence: The No-Nonsense Guide to Raising Investment Funds on the Internet'. I was tasked with creating vector icons. They were created using Adobe Illustrator.


A prototype for the opening screen.

Icons were created to be used as buttons, as well as visual aids for each question. As the course content was centered around crowdfunding, I thought that having an image per question would help the user with visual learning.

Various styles of icon were considered, including vibrant colours, shading and block icons.


A shaded style of icon. This wasn't utilized as they are bitmap type.and didn't suit the style of the rest of the course

An icon style which was reconsidered, as we didn't want everything to look like a button

In total 17 icons were created, which covered the UI assets and chapter 1 of the course. There were plans to continue with the project, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled. 

Some of the UI icons used for navigation

Some of the UI icons used for navigation

Icons for the first chapter of the course